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Breeding, propagation and sales of young plants

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Invitation Webinar Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Webinar on February 1 about special Collaboration on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Chrysanthemum…

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Experts in ornamental breeding

We, Armada Young Plants, are professionals in breeding, propagation and sales of cut flowers, pot plants and perennials. We specialize in chrysanthemums, pot roses and asters, but Hypericum, Dianthus and lavender are also important crops in our production. ‘Creating your varieties’ is not only our slogan, but our daily motto. The production of new varieties focuses on creating added value – for the grower, the flower trade, the florist and the consumer.

Breeding ornamental plants for the world market

All our new seedlings are carefully and extensively tested. In order to do so, we use several compartments specially designed for this selection process in our main greenhouse located in De Lier (NL). Apart from that we do tests on a semi-commercial scale together with our partners in the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, China and India. The products are tested not only on a small scale, but also under semi-commercial conditions. Employing these different methods generates valuable cultivation and trade information, which allows us to decide which new varieties to introduce.
We organize open doors several times per year so that you can make your own selections. Please visit us during one of these trials!


For your natural season chrysanthemums

DecoNova is specialized in the sales, propagation and breeding of disbud chrysanthemums for natural season production. We have a high-quality range of varieties specially selected for this type of production.